Setting the Standard for
Glass Bonding

Lohmann Launches DuploCOLL® G

Breakthrough Layer-by-Layer Bonding to Glass

Working with suppliers of auto glass and molded/plastic parts manufacturers, Lohmann has engineered DuploCOLL® G, a polymerized adhesive system with a special activator that eliminates the need to prime. OEMs and Tiers are applauding Lohmann's primerless tapes as breakthrough solutions to glass attachment and assembly. The result is reliably superior performance and cleaner, faster application.

  • Temperature and weather-resistant
  • Permanently elastic
  • Bonds on glass without surface pretreatment

DuploCOLL® G is available in rolls, spools and custom die-cuts in a variety of thicknesses. Find out more about integrating DuploCOLL® G into your production.

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  • Component attachment to glass:
  • Airfoils, emblems and lettering
  • Trim parts and moldings
  • Mirrors
  • Mounting brackets for sensors, cameras, etc.
  • Clips and pins

Innovation Layer By Layer

Engineered as a unit, the four layers of DuploCOLL® G tape work together to ensure heavy-duty adhesion:

  • a layer of pure acrylic for high performance bonding
  • a compressible and permanently elastic PE backing foam layer for expansion, contraction, and component tolerances
  • a bonding layer integrated with an activator
  • a peel-off extruded polyethylene paper lining
Interior automotive assembly

Test results for dynamic roll peel strength on glass

Interior automotive assembly

Rigorous testing has proven that UV-stable DuploCOLL® G stands up to the most extreme temperature fluctuations, moisture, and other external factors and weather conditions. The elasticity of the polyethylene foam layer provides for expansion, contraction, and adjustments to component tolerances.

Lohmann Engineers the Ideal Solution.

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