Jumpstart Innovation with Lightweight, Versatile Adhesive Solutions.

Bumper to bumper, interior, exterior, under the hood, electronics, telematics and infotainment, body in white, any make, any model... Lohmann Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs) and Superior Bonding Films (SBFs) mean more efficient assembly and quieter, lighter, and sleeker vehicles.

DuploCOLL® G

Lohmann launches DuploCOLL® G—breakthrough layer-by-layer bonding to glass.

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  • Sealing or Gaskets
  • Shielding
  • Surface Protection
  • Attachment and Assembly
  • NVH Reduction
  • Decoration and Labeling

Transformative Auto Parts Design

Adhesive technologies have streamlined manufacturing and upgraded component quality. Lohmann brings the chemical and technical expertise to bond any one surface to another, so that designers and engineers can deliver lighter, stronger, more flexible, and more environmentally-friendly materials.

Automate Assembly. Upgrade Product Performance.

No more gooey liquids, harmful solvents, clumsy rivets, and other mechanical contrivances. Instant adhesion eliminates costly cure times, cuts assembly labor, and reduces operational risk. By displacing yesteryear's processes, Lohmann propels efficiency and opportunity.

Interior automotive assembly
Lohmann adhesive products

Lohmann Adhesives Strengthen, Seal, and Protect.

Electronic, structural, safety, and mechanical components assembled with surface-to-surface adhesion are lighter, quieter, and vibrate less. PSA and SBF adhesives, laminated with carrier materials and die-cut to exact specifications, can be used in virtually all areas of the vehicle.

Step Up to Opportunity.

Because adhesive chemistry can be adapted to component design modifications without major reengineering, suppliers can respond more rapidly. Lohmann is a nimble partner in accelerating production efficiencies so that OEMs and Tiers can upgrade customer service.

One-Stop. Single Source.

Materials and performance requirements can vary greatly across applications. Engineered to exact specifications, adhesive layers and carrier materials such as foam, fabric or film can be coated, laminated, converted to rolls, spools, or sheets, and die-cut to micrometer accuracy.

Lohmann Engineers the Ideal Solution.

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