The Adhesive Advantage

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Driving Efficiency, Quality, and Innovation for 165 Years.

The revolution is here…and Lohmann bonding engineers are making it happen! Automotive manufacturers are relying on suppliers for breakthrough solutions that drive cost efficiencies, fuel economy, and NHV reduction. And now, advanced adhesive solutions can be customized to affix virtually any surface to another. Think of it: lighter, quieter automotive components—and more efficient production. What are you waiting for? Join the revolution…

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Bumper to bumper, interior, exterior, under the hood, electronics, telematics and infotainment, body in white, any make, any model... Lohmann Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs) and Superior Bonding Films (SBFs) mean more efficient assembly and quieter, lighter, and sleeker vehicles.

  • Sealing or Gaskets
  • Shielding
  • Surface Protection
  • Attachment and Assembly
  • NVH Reduction
  • Decoration and Labeling

Lohmann Engineers the Ideal Solution.

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